The Inspiration


Fuji Kindergarten 

This kindergarten in Japan has gained world-wide recognition in the last few years for its innovative architecture and nature-conscious design. The building was built around existing trees, that now jut through classrooms and create natural playgrounds for students to climb and explore. There are no walls between the classrooms, and students are free to come and go as they please in class—the logic being the entire school is a circle, so eventually they will end up right where they started. To learn more, watch Takaharu Tezuka’s TED talk below. Click the gallery thumbnails for full size images.



The Paideia Project would only have been possible at a school like NYU Gallatin. The level of independence and academic freedom that Gallatin's curriculum affords its undergraduate students is unparalleled, and is the foundation that our project relies on. Our curriculum design is grounded in the type of individualized study for which Gallatin is widely known. We also took inspiration from Gallatin's architectural designs, which you can see in the lighting we chose for our classrooms, and the comfortable gathering spaces littered around our school. To learn more about Gallatin's programs and philosophy, visit their website hereClick the gallery thumbnails for full size images.

New Lab

These past few months, we have made New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, our inspirational home. The space, formerly an assembly warehouse for ships during WWII, was created for startups and entrepreneurs, and focuses on hardware – tangible creations – over software. This is where we congregated, every Friday morning, to share our ideas, work on our renders, and assemble our model. The open, lofty green space inspired us to work late, dream big, and build the future school of our dreams. You can learn more about New Lab and the companies that work there by visiting New Lab's website hereClick the gallery thumbnails for full size images.


Ørestad Gymnasium - High School 

Ørestad Gymnasium, which is not merely a gymnasium but a full high school located in Copenhagen, embraces grand open spaces, and circular learning forms. The classrooms have cushions on the roofs, so students can lounge and do work on top of their classrooms. Students are empowered and unified with a grand staircase that connects the many levels of the school, and are forced to learn to respect each others noise pollution. To learn more about Ørestad's architecture and philosophy, visit their website hereClick the gallery thumbnails for full size images.


Apple Park

As Steve Jobs' last major project before his passing, Apple's new 'spaceship' campus is a symbol to the future and an architectural manifestation of all that the company stands for. With solar roofing and an innovative new heating and cooling system, the ring is powered by 100% renewable energy. You can find more about Apple's sustainability initiatives on their website here. Though Apple Park itself is not currently open to visitors, Apple has a visitors center just across the street with a full architectural model of the new campus. You can find more information about the visitors center on Apple's site hereClick the gallery thumbnails for full size images.